Valves & Instruments

Control Valves

Within the process of a plant Control Valves are the final acting elements to reach desired conditions. They are used to control pressure, temperature, level, or flow in a pipeline system. EMS offers a complete range of control (more...)


EMS offers flexibility in flow metering applications. With self-conditioning no-moving parts DP technology, the V-Cone® Flow Meter supports the most challenging flow applications throughout industries. The V-Cone offers (more...)

Process valves

EMS offers expertise and flexibility in Process Valves: By Technology: By Function: Gate Valves Tank Bottom Valve Globe Valves Catalyst Control Valve Slide Valves Injection Valve Piston Valves Sampling (more...)


We offer a wide variety of different styles of desuperheaters so that we can offer good rangeability and controllability with the desired accuracy in process steam temperatures. Our designs range from low cost solutions (more...)

Ball Valves

  For many applications the Ball Valve is superior to the Gate valve. But the Ball Valve can only achieve the necessary tight seal when fitted with the right seal for the application. Contact us for Ball Valves “fitted (more...)

Well Heads

Our Wellhead equipment and valves with their gas-tight components and long life are ideally suited for surface installations of underground gas storage facilities. We are able to offer customized solutions for your project. (more...)


EMS bietet Druckregler und Überdruckventile für die Steuerung von Industriegasen und -flüssigkeiten für eine breite Palette von Anwendungen in der Öl- und Gasprozessindustrie an. Fragen Sie uns gerne für Ihre spezifische (more...)

Relief Valves

  EMS offers a wide product range in both process safety relief valves, quick closing shut off valves and Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESD valves).  This includes electro-pneumatic operated safety quick-closing valve solutions (more...)