Gas Flow Control

Process plant

Gas Flow Control

Accurate Gas Flow Control in this customers process plant was required to produce desired quality of products. The challenging requirements for the Gas Flow Control valve were a combination of high turndown with minimal pressure drop, good controllability , low noise, gas tight shutoff, high accuracy & reliability.

We started with analysing the customers problems and understanding the process requirements. This is a key factor in getting the right fit for your application. The design of the supplied segmented Ball Valve offers good characteristics that match the process of our customer. This was achieved by selecting the proper flow capacity with good controllability over the entire flow range. Seat material was selected for optimum tightness and less wearing for easy maintenance and less need for spares. We were also able to offer the segmented ball valve at very competitive price levels and short lead time of only 4 weeks.

If you have a similar application, do not hesitate to contact us for information!