EMS Tank bottom valves

EMS is a specialist in solutions for tank bottom valves. Especially in difficult situations like high pressure, high temperature and difficult media. We understand how important it is that your tank bottom valve has no failure or leakage. This will result in downtime and costs.

Solving problems

  1. Leaking valves
  2. Stuck valves
  3. Dead leg

How do we solve these problems?

For example with these 2 valves:

  1. Tank bottom ball valve
    This ball valve is provided with an thank weld path, which results in dead leg. Besides that this specific ball valve has the adjustable sealĀ® technology. This technology allows you to adjust the seals when you have leaking valve during process. After adjusting your valve you can continue production without valve leakage.
  1. Rising disc tank bottom valve
    This valve can be provided with a bellow seal. This allows you to use the valves in high pressures. What this valves makes unique is the rising disc. The rising disc can crush solid medium on the bottom of the tank.
Rising disc tank bottom valve

All valves can be manual or actuated.