EMS Industrial plastic/composite solutions

We are happy to introduce the supply of industrial plastic/composite solutions. This is in line with the vision of EMS supplying customers with tailor-made industrial equipment.

What problems do we solve?

We can divide the product range into 3 groups:

  • Odor control solution
  • Storing dangerous/corrosive fluids
  • Pumping dangerous/corrosive fluids

Odor control solutions using technologies such as bio-filters, biotrickling, chemical scrubbers, activated carbon, RTO and advanced adsorptions.

Storing with vertical tanks, cisterns, reactors, decanter, rectangular barrels, underground tanks.

Pumps for high performance and maximum reliability. Up to 1500 m³/h and suitable for pumping corrosive products with fumes and solids, including high models that specifically permit dry runs.

Products are supplied after we have done problem analysis and process- and mechanical design.

With our experience and engineering capabilities we will always deliver a reliable solution that will perform to your expectations.