EMS Dimpled plates

We can help you with your heat transfer problems. Dimpled plates are simple solutions for cooling or heating your process (reactor, pressure vessels, destilation columns, ect). We can calculate the necessary heat exchange surfaces, the spacing between plates and other dimensional parameters for each application.

Thanks to more then 30 years experience in the heat transfer technology, we can guarantee our heating and cooling processes as well as our mechanical design.

To get a better mechanical strength (allowable pressures and thermal shocks), our exchange plates are welded using CNC laser technology.

Range of pressure and temperature

  • Temperature: -/- 200 oC – +/+ 400 oC
  • Pressure: Full vacuum – 60 barg

Common used thermal media

  • Steam
  • Thermal oil
  • Glycol
  • Ammonia
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Freon
  • CO2