EMS Constant pressure cylinder

EMS solved several problems regarding the reliability and accuracy of sampling. The best solutions is a constant pressure cylinder. Recognized and utilized for their outstanding transport of two-phase gas samples, natural gas and specialty gas products. Besides maintaining samples at pipeline pressure, the cylinders provide superior vortex mixing action, all in a compact, manageable and easy to use package.

All of our constant pressure cylinders are designed with a standard 4-1 safety factor, unequaled in the industry and give years of dependable service and quality results.

How does it work?
The cylinder is pressured with an inert gas supply. By letting the gas push against the piston, the sample is taken at full line pressure from start to finish. In the laboratory, a gas supply could be connected to the pre-charge side equal to the pipeline pressure. As the sample gas is injected into the chromatograph, the piston is being pushed by the pre-charge gas. The gas composition is not altered as a result of pressure reduction. The cylinder can be stored or sent for conformation to another laboratory, it will give repeatable results, because the condition of the gas is maintained by the constant pressure cylinder. The cylinder is equipped with valves, safety reliefs and gauges on both ends so the pressure can be controlled at all times on both sides.

This procedure has proven to give extreme accuracy in both spot sampling as well as in automatic sampling systems. The constant pressure cylinder maintains the integrity of the sample within ½ BTU of the pipeline gas. No other design comes that close!

The constant pressure cylinders are available from 150 psi to 15.000 psi working pressure, volumes from 10 ml up to 35 liter. Materials including 316 SS, Titanium, Hastelloy and Inconel. The cylinders are approved and comply with government regulation. Sulfinert and chembar coatings are available for high sulphur applications.