EMS Revision of a valve

EMS can revise and repair your valuable control valves. After this process we will guarantee the valve as new including all certification/documentation. Below an example of the revision of a valve. Step 1. (more...)

EMS Tank bottom valves

EMS is a specialist in solutions for tank bottom valves. Especially in difficult situations like high pressure, high temperature and difficult media. We understand how important it is that your tank bottom valve has no failure (more...)

EMS Insertion Probe Regulator

EMS solved several problems regarding the reliability and accuracy of sampling. The best solution is an Automatic Insertion Probe Regulator. The Probe regulator is designed to provide an analyzer with a sample stream at an (more...)

EMS Constant pressure cylinder

EMS solved several problems regarding the reliability and accuracy of sampling. The best solutions is a constant pressure cylinder. Recognized and utilized for their outstanding transport of two-phase gas samples, natural (more...)

EMS Cryogenic Ball Valve

We want to introduce our cryogenic ball valve. Figure 1: Best orientation for operation Cryogenic Valve (45 deg) Figure 2: Isometric view What makes it work? An extended bonnet with an upper set (more...)

EMS Ball Valves

EMS can solve problems in ball valves like: Polymerisation Contamination Pollution   This is solved as result of up and down-stream sealing of the ball valve. In combination with the several features (more...)

EMS Transmitter Isolation Valve

We can supply you a Transmitter Isolation Valve (TIV) which has: Less dead leg Less sealing (leakage) Less maintenance Less downtime How? We have a TIV ball valve type, which has less face to face length (more...)

EMS Double block and bleed valves

Double block and bleed valves are perfect in applications when you need a safe system. The pipeline can be depressurized and the operator will not get in contact with dangerous medium and high pressures. Figure (more...)

EMS Customized maintenance

Our customized maintenance portfolio: Repairing all sorts of valves, ranging from standard to highly specialised valves. Mechanical engineering and production of valves and aggregates Metal surface coating (more...)

EMS Direct Steam Converting Valve – Steam Atomization

We want to introduce the DSCV-SA (Direct Steam Converting Valve - Steam Atomization). The DSCV-SA is a world leading steam conditioning valve specifically designed for the most arduous applications such as steam turbine bypass (more...)