Compact Wafer-Cone Flowmeter

Process plant.

Compact Process Flowmeter.

The stringent requirements for this Flowmeter were combination of high turndown with minimal pressure drop, minimal available space, high accuracy & reliability.

The Wafer Cones unique design offers an advanced, differential pressure flow technology that acts as its own flow conditioner, fully conditioning and mixing the flow prior to measurement. The result is a low amplitude, high frequency signal with little “signal bounce.” Readings are always precise and reliable, including in low pressure flow situations. The V-Cone offers an almost instantaneous response time and large turndown, which allows process settings to be more fine tuned for better process control. Another advantage is it’s outstanding performance without the upstream or downstream piping as required by other flowmeters. This results in significant space and weight savings. For retrofit purposes, the V-Cone is simple to install requiring only very limited installation space. It is also not sensitive to dirt or fouling. Corrosion resistant models in most materials are available.

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